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September 11, 2018

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September 11, 2018

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September 11, 2018

I am missing my Jeep... missing the adventure and freedom that came with it... missing the dust, dirt...flat tires and busted knuckles... beer cans, spent 7.62 x 39 casings on the floor and all the other crazy shit that comes with it....



  December 16, 2012


It all started with a typical lazy Sunday morning. I was on my way to have some breakfast when some random white pick up truck jumped red light and totaled my Camaro... And just like that, my Fast and Furious days were over.

It was a bad ass car and it will be missed...a lot...but that's a different story and a different tribute that I will have to write some other time...


January 2013


Less that a month later I received a settlement check from my insurance company and bought myself a new car: 2013 Jeep Wrangler Sport... Going from Camaro SS to Jeep Wrangler was like going from Jet Fighter to Aluminum Row Boat... But, I was happy. I remember driving home and dreaming of all the adventures that are awaiting me and all the modifications I can do to the Jeep... I was excited...


The very next day I took it for a test ride. I don't think that Jeep was clean again...ever.


June 2013


I quickly realized that this little "cute" thing need some serious work done in order to keep up with my caprices and look the way I envisioned.  Very soon I learned what the real abbreviation of JEEP stands for: JEEP - Just Empty Every Pocket... Every part for this thing had a starting price tag of $397... all the fancy stuff was priced almost as gold. So I had to drive stock for a while, saving for those upgrades I was dreaming about...


August 2013


Don't take me wrong, I was not sitting idle. While I saved money for the upgrades... I started to explore and learn what this Jeep was made off. And very soon I started to appreciate the versatility of this vehicle. While much slower that Camaro, it was able to take me places that I wanted to go...


I drove this thing every weekend. Exploring old and new areas...


December 2013


 It was like we were made for each other...


March 2014


At that time I lived in The Barn. Life was simple. I worked during the week...


Played on the weekends...


July 2014