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Lake McSwain 2.0

I liked campgrounds in Lake McSwain and wanted to come back there I took some time off and set out there on Thursday with intent to stay there until Tuesday. Total of six days...should be relaxing.

Beth was not able to take time off this weekend so it will have to be a solo trip with some friends joining me on Friday and Saturday. We had 3 sites reserves next to each other so we all cozy and close by in case we need to borrow some sugar in the morning...

I woke up on Thursday morning like a Russian Czar...made a cup of coffee, prepped the 5th Wheel and took off about 10am.

2017 Dodge Ram 2500 and 2006 Jayco Eagle 5th Wheel

The day was warm and looking promising...

Lake McSwain Campground Map

I had my RedBull on the ice and water...what else the man needs...

Dodge Ram 2500  Laramie

Last time we were here I made some notes about the sites and noticed Loop E: 7- 8 and 9 as a potential candidates for me and my friends to occupy for the weekend. Sure there are better campsites here but all were booked s we took the second best...

Backing in the 5th Wheel was easy, couple 2x6 made it level...and I was set up under shady tree in no time.

Lake McSwain Loop A Information

While setting up the bedroom I found this love note tucked under the pillow...The sweetest thing ever. I love my girl...

It is nice to have water hook up at the camp...not only to have your 5th Wheel connected but also water down the dusty campsite or rinse off around the camp. Having several hoses, different hose connectors and pressure regulator was nice. I am glad previous owners left me all kind of goodies.

Water Preassure Regulator

After setting up the camp I enjoyed the peace and quiet. There was couple of other RV's in the campgrounds, but they were further down the road so it felt like I was alone. After walking to the lake and jumping in the ice cold water to cool down, I came back to the camp to relax, enjoy margaritas and wait for my friends to arrive.

Camping at Lake McSwain

The sunset was beautiful and quiet.

Camping at Lake McSwain

Right after the sunset Freddy and Kristie showed up...

Lake McSwain Loop E Information

Rest of the evening was spent setting up their camp, dinner and hanging around the camp fire. Next morning started with a glass of ice chilled champagne...

Camping at Lake McSwain

We took a walk across the dam to check out the spillway. With a wet winter the lakes and rivers are filled to the brim this year. In all the years I lived near this lake I never seen water running down the spillway...

Lake McSwain Spillway

And this year water is roaring...

Lake McSwain Spillway

Later that day more friends showed up. The day turned out to be too cold for the lake so we just hang out and do the usual camp stuff...tell some stories, cook some meals and relaxed...

Camping at Lake McSwain

Keeping my site clean and organized...

Camping at Lake McSwain/TheIronWolf

Flying my Lithuanian hopes to attract some Lithuanian drifter some day. So we could speak the language, have a shots of vodka and catch up on Lithuanian affairs...

Camping at Lake McSwain/ Lithuanian Flag

It was a good weekend spent with good friends...but like all good stories this one has the end as well... Sunday everyone was packed and ready to head back home...

Camping at Lake McSwain/ Starcraft Trailer

Everyone but me, I had another day to relax and enjoy solitude and peace...

Camping at Lake McSwain

LED Canopy Lights

For additional camping information and reservations, visit:

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