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Lake Eastman

We survived the weekend ... HOT weekend. By the time we left on Friday it was like 97F...the weather cast for the weekend was 100+ Good opportunity to test the AC unit and learn what it is like to be in the HOT weather...

The road to the lake is rough so we took it slow and kept it at 45m/hr. After hearing all the horror stories about blown out tire...I had no desire to be rustling with my first tire change on the hot and desolate road...

2017 Dodge Ram 2500 and 2006 Jayco Eagle 5th Wheel

It took us about an hour to get to the lake. Campground was semi occupied but quiet. Heavy heat kept everyone inside the RV's with the AC units quietly humming...besides the camp host we did not seen a single soul.

Lake McSwain Campground Map

First thing we did was connected the 5th Wheel to the power and turned AC on...but it took some time to cool down the interior... meanwhile everyone gathered in the front of the fan. I am glad I grabbed this thing on my way out of the door... scored some points there.

By the time we settled in the sun slid behind the horizon and cool breeze came across the lake bringing some relieve... We drove to the check on some of the friends who got here yesterday ...and later hiked down the hill to the lake.

Dodge Ram 2500  Laramie

After sweating to death while setting up the camp, jumping to the cool lake was a delight...

Lake McSwain Loop A Information

Fire was not needed as it was hot enough but the smoke kept bugs at the bay so we just moved away and enjoyed the night sky filled with stars and each other company...

Water Preassure Regulator

Next morning I got up at 6am but outside was already HOT. Everyone were asleep so I took Scout (our dog) for a walk and set up a camp on the little private beach just bellow my friends campsite... The plan was to drag all what we needed for the day and spend the day by the water...

Camping at Lake McSwain

After setting up the camp I returned to the camp , made a cup of coffee and enjoyed quiet morning...

Camping at Lake McSwain

By 8 am the remaining crew started to stir...

Lake McSwain Loop E Information

Bloody Merry's and card game before the breakfast...we blamed on the heat of course...

Camping at Lake McSwain

Freddy came to visit us...but I know for the fact that the only reason he came was the AC...

Lake McSwain Spillway

By 9am it was starting to heat up, but we had some pretty good shade and water at our disposal so we were ready to take the heat...

Lake McSwain Spillway

Regardless the heat everyone was in the good spirits...

Camping at Lake McSwain

Fun on the water...

Camping at Lake McSwain/TheIronWolf

It was a short and Hot weekend, but we had good time...Thanks to AC we survived the heat but because it was so hot I did not explored the campgrounds in the detail. Seems to me this place would be a good winter or spring get away...summer it's just too hot. So being that we live an hour away it's better to stay home on the hot days and enjoy the pool...

Camping at Lake McSwain/ Lithuanian Flag

For additional camping information and reservations, visit:

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