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I believe it was Wednesday that we got here...the campsite was almost empty. Camp-host and another couple in their trailer were the only campers... After listening the river roar for two days and nights this place was in complete silence...

2017 Dodge Ram 2500 and 2006 Jayco 5th Wheel

Here is a picture of me assessing if I parked straight. My OCD kick's in if I get in to the site and the trailer is all sideways. All lines has to be straight and neat...then I am happy camper.

5th Wheel Parking at the Campgrounds

After my parking charade is complete rest of the set up is a breeze. By now we got the routine down. While I set up outside Beth takes care the inside chores including making us the drinks. So we can toast for a successful arrival and enjoy the place.

Eureka Valley

While Beth enjoys glass of Champagne I slam couple shots of Tequila and kick my shoes off... almost like in the song...

Timberland and Espolon Tequila

...This is also perfect time to write entry to our diary and make couple of sketches of our surroundings. Some day I will share it with you guys...

Edvardas Vilciauskas/ Camping in Sierra Nevada Mountains, CA

Right after we got here controlled fire started on the opposite ridge and burned until we left. You can see the smoke on the ridge in the distance... Lucky us the wind was just right and the air in the camp was fresh and delicious...

Sierra Nevada, California

Someone told me a story about meth addicts collecting pee bottles on the side of the road and drinking it in hopes to get the"fix". The theory is that the truck drivers use meth to stay up while driving and tossing bottles with their pee out of the windows. Now, meth stays in the urine so that's mean that roadsides are covered with free drugs...that's if you get the right bottle...

I told this story to Beth couple of days ago so she makes the trap (with a margarita instead the pee) and places it along the road next to the campground...

Trucker Pee

It was not a long wait until this guys showed up, snatched the bottle and emptied to the bottom...

Do Not Do Drugs

We spend the next couple of days in peace and quiet. Enjoyed each others company and visited our neighbors...

2006 Jayco Eagle 5th Wheel Camping

Pam and Randy.... Such a nice people. We could not ask for the better neighbors... Hope to see them again some day.

Premier Camping Trailer

Next day the "Mountain Mist" sneaked up on and we were treated with some nice, slow on & off rain... I miss rain a lot, so when it's raining in the mountains I am a happy camper...

Sierra Nevada Mountains, California

Having 5th Wheel trailer makes even Beth happy...rain or sun.

Happy Camper

This was a real relaxing mini vacation. Can not wait for the next trip...

Happy Couple

The END.

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