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Painting Honda EU2000i

 April 1, 2018


      I like camping a lot...quiet, clean camping... so last summer I decided that my RED generator has to be painted to blend better with a nature. The bright RED color was just too much of the eye sore.

Found some Rust-Oleum Specialty Camouflage Spray Paint on Amazon for $22.97 and in couple of days I had it delivered to my door. It had six 12oz spray cans of four selected colors.

      By using sharp box knife blade I removed all stickers from the generator and cleaned glue residue. This was probably the hardest and most time consuming part...

     Lables that contained valuable information I carefully removed and glued to the inside of maintenance panel. Just in case if I ever need it...

     Using blue painters tape I taped all areas that I wanted to protect. Control panel, ON and OFF switch, exhaust and air intake vents.

      Picked some random twigs and branches from the back yard to be used as a stencil. I also ordered a camouflage netting to add more texture and dimension. 

After all the prep work I was finally ready to have some fun with a spray paint.  Started with a light color as a base and used different materials and spray paint to build up darker shades and textures.

     It's coming along nicely.

     The entire project took me about 2 -3 hrs from the start to finish and I was happy with the results.

     Last weekend we went to the lake for couple of days, The generator was blending very well to the surroundings - no more big RED blob around the camp.

     Here is BEFORE and AFTER pictures:



     And here is a list of products I used for this project. Just in case you decide to give it a try and make something similar:

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