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Bedroom Closet Renovation

 August 12, 2017


      Every time we go on the trip the personal space and storage becomes a subject of discussion. We pack our belongings in to the bags then take them to the 5th Wheel. We do have plenty of storage space in the living room and bedroom but it's not easily accessible or as comfortable as we like so we end up living out of the bags.  Bag in the bedroom, living's annoying and drives booth of us mad. We have the coat closet in the bedroom that is easy to get to so we decided to add some shelves and make it more practical so we could store our bag contents there instead on the floor.

     I picked up some shelving tracks from the LOWES and after my morning coffee got to work. It took me no time to install four rails and 4 shelves. It looked very good but was lacking something so I figured I will add some LED lights to light up the closet when door is open. Pulled out my LED supply box and got to work...

     I pulled 12V power supply for the LED lights from the basement. I used same path as the heating air duct that comes right under the closet. I wanted very clean installation with as little of wiring visible as possible so I decided to run wires inside one of the shelve  rails.


     It took me some time to get everything wired and connectors for the LED lights in the place where I needed them. Once that was done the rest was easy...

     I had blue light LED strip that I cut in 7 inch strips, added the pig tails and placed them in aluminum channel with the white lens to diffuse the light.  I used this aluminum channel for my exterior canopy lights and it turned out awesome.

     A little of GORILLA glue and blue tape to hold lights in place while glue sets and lights are ....done.

     Installed  shelves back in the closet and that's it. It probably took me like 2 -3 hours for the entire project. I also realized that I do want to paint inside of the closet so that's another thing to do on my list. 

     I did not had the door switch that turns the lights ON when door is opened. So I placed another order on Amazon for the door switch and Fade-In Fade-Out LED dimmer. I want the lights slowly Fade-In when the door opened. Once the parts here next week I will add both of them and call it - DONE.

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