Eureka Valley

June 10, 2017

      We took some days off and set out to clear the soul and mind. On the last trip we heard from people about the beautiful campgrounds along the Stanislaus River so we figured why not...let's go find it and stay up there for a couple of days.

     By the time we packed and left the house was like 4:30pm...kind of late but we figured we still have couple of hours of daylight left and should be there before the darkness set's in. Sure enough we pulled in to the campsite as the last rays of the daylight dissolved within the trees... We had to set up camp pretty much in the darkness... While food was sizzling on the grill we made cocktails and admired the night sky, ice cold and fresh air...and the roar of the river just bellow us... It's going to be a cold night...


     Next morning while Beth was doing "I will be sleeping in tomorrow"  thing, I set out to explore surroundings and admire the sunrise.

     The campsite is located just off Hwy 108. It is well marked of the main road and it is easy to get in and out. It's a natural valley between rocky outcrops and river just bellow. This year with a good snow fall the rivers ice cold and murky waters are roaring. The river gets chocked up in the rocky canyon and is wild, no swimming this time of the year. The campground has 28 sites. We had no problem to get our 30' 5th Wheel parked. Sites are well spaced and most are large enough for the RV's or trailers. There is no electricity or water to fill your tanks so come prepared. There are 3 wells with a hand pump so if you are in desperate situation for water you can work for it .... Generators can be used from 8am to 10pm.  The camp host takes good care of this place and everything looks clean and well maintained, including couple of public bathrooms.  It's $18.00 fee per night it's kind of steep for a basic campsite without water or electricity. But that's my opinion and I am sticking to it...


     In the picture bellow: The campground is located just over the rocks on the right side of the river. You almost can see some RV's parked under the trees. Those are the sites with a view of the river but also very noisy this time of the year. The water roar is deafening so if you looking for quiet place you have to chose the sites away from the river or go somewhere else...

     Here is another shot of the campground from the top of the rocky outcrops...

     While walking around I found some fire wood so I busted out my wagon and move wood to our camp in one trip...

     We are easily entertained...drinks, board games and each other company is all we need... Here is Beth kicking my butt in the RumiCube.

     There is "No Service" for your cell even if you have be prepared to be off the grid while you there. We took a drive to Kennedy Meadows in hopes to send the work related email that Beth had to do,  but even there we were not able to pick up strong enough signal to send out the email. We had to drive around to find a spot...


Here is Beth working ...

 While I am admiring views of the lake just bellow us...

 On the way back to camp I tried some fishing but no luck... I blamed murky, fast moving waters and went back to camp for a cocktail...

     After couple of days in Eureka Valley my head was ringing from the river noise and we decided to relocate to our favorite campsite and spend next couple of days in peace and we packed our camp and an hour later we were enjoying complete silence...

 To be Continued...




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