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September 11, 2018

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April 12, 2017

     Since I was little I remember my sister and brother drawing all the time. And they were good...later in life they both graduated art school. My sister become a clothing designer, my brother a tattoo artist.




I tried to be like them, but never was able to draw more than a stick and circle so I gave up.

     About two years ago I picked up a brush and started to paint...for the first time in my life I enjoyed the process. I did not feel that I had to prove anything to anyone; I just simply poured a glass of wine, put a vinyl record on and started to paint...



     I paint random things. In the beginning I rarely planned the outcome of the painting. I simply picked up a brush and played with paint and colors...



     Today I feel that I gained more confidence and learned more techniques so I start to plan what I am going to paint. I still don't consider myself a good artist but I enjoy painting and do it mostly for my own inner good...



   Here is my attempt to paint the air plane battle...


      I also collect random trash along the road everywhere I travel. Bring them home and store it in the glass jars until the rainy season sets in and coops me in the house. Then I make some displays out of these treasures...


     This display was made of the random trash I collected along route 66 on my trip to Utah a couple of years ago. Every time I stopped to enjoy the scenery, take a photo I looked around and always found something... The old newspaper that I used for the contrast, I found in one of the abandoned gold mines near my home town Merced...