Motor-Home vs Fifth Wheel

Once again, countless hours spent on the internet researching what type of RV to choose. Blogs, Articles, YouTube videos. Basically it's two candidates out there: Motor-home (also known as diesel pusher)

...or 5th Wheel

...what I learned was that at the end of the day it all boils down to personal preference. Both have pros and cons.

I am looking for "Home"rather than recreational vehicle. After all I want to live in it full time so there are two very important factors for me:

First: I do not want to live in the kitchen

Second: I do not want to live in something that feels like a vehicle

After visiting several local RV dealerships I knew that a 5th Wheel will be my choice. While visiting Fresno RV center I stumbled on the Grand Design 5th Wheels. They seem to be the most well built and have comfortable floor plans...from the first sight I fell in love with Solitude 375RES-R.

The living room is located at the back and elevated from the kitchen making you feel that you in a completely separate room. It's spacious with quality finishes and plenty of windows for natural light.

The kitchen also feels roomy. I love the window above the stove and prep counter. It makes the kitchen feel lighter and open.

Bathroom and bedroom both feel nice and open with easy access to washer and dryer. Loved everything I saw.

But it comes with a steep price tag of whopping $100,000. It's just too steep for me at this point. The good thing is that I do not plan to retire soon, so I have time to buy and pay off the truck and do the same with the 5th wheel. If all goes well in 8 years I will have both paid off and ready to set sail.


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